Early Termination of Probation



Typically, when we are placed on probation, we do not realize that the probationary term may keep us from finding a job. Fortunately, the court can terminate your probation early. This process is challenging because, in almost every case, the prosecutor will object to the early termination of probation. However, the right attorney will make persuasive arguments to the Judge and have the best chances of convincing the court that the right thing to do is to terminate probation early.

The Law Office of Brett Parker Davison has the experience and relationships necessary to have your probation terminated early.  The motion may require the calling of witnesses and compliance with the evidence code will be required. You will need to file a formal motion, and may need to make legal arguments before the judge in order to be successful. We will demonstrate to the Judge why your probation or criminal conviction is keeping you from being a productive member of society. We will show them why it is in the best interests of the People of the State of California to terminate your probation early and/or expunge your record.

With an intelligent attorney by your side, you can obtain an early termination of probation and expunge your record. Call us today for a free consultation!