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Restraining orders place restrictions on individuals who are accused of domestic violence, stalking, or other criminal conduct. Restraining orders can require an individual to:

  • Not contact the protected person

  • Move out of the house

  • Not have a gun / firearm

  • Stay away from a specific pet

  • Pay child support

  • Follow child custody orders

In California, there are many types of protective court orders that are used for specific occasions or situations. Some of the orders include:

  • Civil harassment temporary restraining order

  • Workplace violence temporary restraining order

  • Domestic violence temporary restraining order

  • Criminal protective order in a criminal case

  • Emergency protective order

These matters generally stem from a relationship that went wrong. Since, emotions are running high, it is imperative that you seek legal representation to present your case in a respectable and logical manner. Understand that it is a very serious matter with lasting ramifications. Moreover, these matters are heard quickly so it is critical that you contact an attorney immediately.

The attorney at the Law Office of Brett Parker Davison has extensive knowledge of the system and can begin building a strategy for your case immediately. We highly encourage you to contact us to schedule a free consultation of your case at (909) 480-8094!

Restraining Orders: Practices
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