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The Law Office of Brett Parker Davison understands what you and your family are going through when you or a loved one is being investigated or charged with a sexual offense. All too often people find themselves charged with sex crimes based on false accusations from hostile, jealous, mistaken or manipulated accusers. Without a doubt, recent scientific breakthroughs have proven that innocent individuals have been imprisoned for decades because of fabricated testimony, wrong identity, and police investigations that are careless or overzealous.

The Law Office of Brett Parker Davison defends clients against charges such as date rape, indecent exposure, lewd conduct, prostitution, failure of sex registration, and sexual battery. An individual that is being investigated or charged with such an offense needs a trained and skilled criminal defense attorney to fight for their rights.

A sex crime conviction almost always results in having to register as a sex offender every year for the rest of the individual’s life. If that happens, the individual is required to appear at the police station to register as a sex offender within five days of their birthday every year. Additionally, their ability to work and live in most decent neighborhoods will be seriously impaired.

Most felony sex crimes carry very long prison sentences, and some of them carry life sentences. Moreover, an individual convicted of such an offense will likely be targeted by other inmates. So, it is essential to exhaust all avenues during an individual’s judicial proceeding because the ramifications are endless.

Sex crime accusations often come from very unreliable sources or from persons that have an agenda. Nothing brings out accusations and allegations of a sex crime like divorce, child custody disputes, or a break up between intimate couples. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is full of false accusations. Moreover, these cases often lack physical evidence and prosecutors rely solely on circumstantial evidence.

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Sex Crimes: Practices
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